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  • There are special educational who impart guidance and training on Speech therapy, Sign language, Daily Living Skills like how to eat, dress and undress, caring teeth, face, hair, nails, toilet training, take care of his/her clothing, appeance and personal belonging and Vocational skill training which include basic skills to enable the retarded/handicapped students to live normal lives.

  • Currently the School has afforded 66 boys and girls who are mentally retarded and handicapped with all of them below the age of 35.

  • The School offers free boarding and lodging for all its students in the Hostel. The School gets Feeding Grant from the Special Commissioner for Disabled, Chennai.

  • All the day-to-day activities are guided, supervised and supported by the staff members who are given free boarding and lodging facilities in the Hostel run by the School.

  • The School management has arranged for weekly visits of a Physiotherapist, Psychiatrist and general physician for periodic check up and medical advice for the benefit of the students.

  • There is a separate guidance and counselling wing which gives necessary support depending on the requirements of the handicapped children.

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